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Forged wheels are known for their strength-to-weight ratio and are often preferred for high-performance and luxury vehicles. Forged aluminum wheel manufacturing typically involves the following processes: Billet Heating➜ Forging ➜ Trimming and Piercing➜ Heat Treatment➜ Machining & Milling➜ Surface Treatment


Casting is a widely used method for manufacturing aluminum alloy wheels because it allows for intricate designs and provides a good balance of strength and weight. The resulting wheels are then often subjected to quality control checks to ensure they meet industry standards and safety requirements.


Flow forming, also known as spinning or flow turning, is a manufacturing process used to shape and enhance the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy wheels. The process results in a wheel with improved strength, reduced weight, and enhanced structural integrity compared to traditional casting methods. This makes flow-formed wheels popular for both performance and aesthetic considerations in the automotive industry. Flow formed wheels are cost effective and give your vehicle fuel efficiency and performance.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining of aluminum alloy wheels involves the use of precision machines controlled by computer programs to shape and finish the wheels. CNC machining offers a high level of precision and repeatability, making it suitable for producing aluminum alloy wheels with complex designs and tight tolerances. This method provides flexibility in creating custom wheel designs while maintaining efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing process.


The painting process for aluminum alloy wheels typically involves several steps to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. It's worth noting that variations may exist in the painting process depending on the specific manufacturing practices of different companies. Additionally, advancements in technology and paint formulations may lead to variations in the techniques used for painting aluminum alloy wheels. Our team of painting department are well trained, skilled and experienced professionals who can assure you good quality of painting.